Wagon Rides  

Mule Rides

in the Hocking Hills


Whether you're interested in a romantic stroll at dusk with your girl or a leisurely trip with the family,  our mule-drawn wagon rides make wonderful memories. Wagon trips are either on our premises or at nearby Tar Hollow State Park.  All near Hocking Hills State Park. Wagon rides are $75.00 / hr. with a 1000 lb. max load (up to 7adults).   Our hours are anytime by appointment .

(740) 332-0221.



Mountain Man Mule Expeditions

24210 Vandergriff Rd  |  South Bloomingville, OH 43152
(740) 332-0221


Much like horseback riding, mule riding is a fun adventure for those visiting the Hocking Hills!.  From rugged riding trail adventures to  leisurely  wagon rides, Mountain Man Mule Expeditions is quite possibly the only mule riding expedition on this side of the Rockies!

If you like riding Horses you will love riding Mules


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